Saturday, 18 December 2010

Advent Tags, Hats & Socks

This post has been in my file for a while so thought I'd share it, whilst it's still seasonal, as I'm not capably of doing much just now due to some family problems.
 I still have a few tags to make to complete my Advent  hanging for this year but I'll get them finished in 
time for Christmas... I will, I will, I will!
Many of you won't have seen the two Advent Hangings I made last year for my two DDs families. Twenty four tiny hats, all different, on each branch to fill with goodies for each day. I only started making them mid November 2009 when my daughter in Germany gave me the idea (and the request!) so I made 48 hats in two weeks in time for Dec 1st 2009. I think I saw a few sparks from my knitting needles and I wouldn't go to bed each night until I'd made 2 or 3!
If you look back in my blog to 12th Nov 2009 you can see day to day postings of the hats as I made them and this will give ideas of designs to knit as they are all different. The photos are high resolution as it was my early days of blogging and I did not know then how to compress photos so it helps to see detail!
Whilst in Germany recently I spotted these Advent Hangings below with tiny hand made socks for sale (reduced to) over £50 a set. It sounds a lot of money but it's not much for all the time it takes to make them.
This set was machine made.
Just thought it might give ideas for next year!


Wipso said...

Thanks for the fab ideas....guess what I will be doing next? I have a stocking pattern but don't think I have a hat pattern though. hint hint :-)
A x

Susie Jefferson said...

Dynamite! Fabulous, love love love the idea. Next year, maybe... as always I'm never ready!

Tinkertaylor said...

Your hats are adorable

lisa said...

I adore the little advent hats. I bet your needles were flying, fancy making 48 in next to no time. Don't they have some lovely ideas in Germany, much better than our cardboard chocolate calanders from the Supermarket.
Hugs Lisax

olive said...

you are so versatile Jo, you never cease to amaze. hope you are on the mend....... xxxx

sam21ski said...

Oh my, those diddy hats and socks are sooooooo cute xxxx

Hope your family situ gets better soon, take care Sam xxxx

Von said...

Such a fun idea Jo :)

Neet said...

Thinking of you all. Now do try a bit of crafting to take your mind off things.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You must have been in overdrive! It would take me a month to make ONE hat, so I won't be making any of these anytime soon. However, I'm totally impressed with your ability and skills.

Dotpat said...

They are lovely Jo, you have some patience pet

Wipso said...

Hi Jo. I've made a start and blogged them to let you see how it's going. Thanks for the idea. I'm having fun.
A x

Pat said...

Jo, the little hats are amazing! Love the socks, too, but favor the hats.

I am still unable to get on my won blog, so not been able to send the email with card to you. I hope to get a "user friendly computer" soon!

Merry Christmas, and may we all have a healthy, happy and creative New Year!
Hugs, Pat Smith

Vicki B in OP NY said...

I loved peeking around your site and fell in love with your advent hats and the sock idea. My! what a work of art and love. Peace and good health to you and yours.
Vicki #95

Debgem said...

Hi Jo

Thanks for stopping by at my blog - you can see the floor in my craftroom now - I tidied last night!!!

Love these hangings - so pretty, such fun.

Deborah x

Lavinia said...

Hello! Jo! Thank you for the lovely coments on my blog, I do appreciate them! How wonderful are your Advent hats! I love them its agreat idea, although I dont knit (yet) I think this has made me want to learn! There are sooooo cute! You took some great pic's in Germany, its a pretty contry! Warm wishes for a Happy Yuletide!

Anne said...

I'm from Germany originally, and my mum made little stocking advent calendars for each of my three daughters one year!! 72 little socks!
Love your version with the hats, too :)
Happy Christmas,

Traceyr said...

Love those little knitted socks I wonder where you will get the pattern?

Great advent - must remember for next year.