Friday, 26 November 2010

Four Fold Card Tutorial

I have frequently been asked for information on how to make the Four Fold Card I posted, on July 10th this year, so I am showing how to make it via a series of pictures of the stages of it's construction.
There's a different and simpler sample to those I showed last July(click here for the original post.)
Inside the double flaps...
The card when closed...
The stages of how to make it.... Start with a square of card... I usually make it with a 12 x 12inch card which results in a 6 inch square finished card but it can be made any size and 8 x 8 inch makes a 4 inch square card.
These folds can be easily made by folding each side to the centre point
ie., 12 x 12inch card  folds would be 3 inches from the sides and the centre area would be 6 x 6 inches.
Next cut out the four corner sections
Cut each flap to the centre point as shown in the photo below and Trim a narrow sliver from the inner edge of the loose edge of the flap. you can just see this in the pic. It is to enable the flaps to fold inward and lie flat neatly. 
 Fold flaps in half
Trimming the edges of the flaps allows them to lie flat neatly when folded inward as in the pic below.
Remember to add eyelets (for the 4 ribbon ties) only to the top layer of card as indicated by the markings.
You can also make different variations of this card by experimenting and changing the sizes of the flaps as I did in the July sample. 
The Card can also be made by sticking separate flaps to a card which is useful if you do not have card large enough to make the preferred finished size.
The original idea for this card was from a small version made as a memory keeper, as featured in Art Specially book a few years ago. I have modified it radically but thank Art Specially for the inspiration. 
If you need any further information, please contact me and I'll be happy to help if I can!