Monday, 29 November 2010

Tree, Cherubim and Santa Advent Tags & Lueneburg

I prepped this post in England so now I'm in Germany I will add some photos of Lueneburg, the lovely little town where my daughter lives.
First some more tags..........Tags 14 & 15! I love my tree with the tiny gingerbread man, but I am not too fussy about Santa here. I might have a rethink and make him again entirely different. 
I think he's lost his Ho, Ho, Ho, as I just couldn't get that beard to stick

Having a great time here with my family and it's especially lovely to share precious time with my little 15 month old grandee who is such a joy and lots of fun.
I've been out and about today in the town but I am not going near the main Christmas Market until tomorrow... after dark when all the lights are lit when I'll have my first gluhwein!
Pretty cold here at a few degrees below freezing the snow sent a few more flakes down today but there is only a smattering underfoot.
My favourite supermarket!
Every year I buy a different mug for the year on the gluhwein stalls
I wished that white van would have moved!

This is a table in the local chemist selling spices for Christmas
This is the window display in the chemist showing lots of old equipment and prescriptions from the 1800s
Some of my favourite bread rolls....they look like chestnuts and are so small.


sam21ski said...

WOW, WOW and WOW - what stunning photos Jo, keep 'em coming xxxxx

peggy gatto said...

Your ornaments are just dear!!! I love old fashioned the best!!!
8 years ago another couple and us went to Salzburg for Christmas! We went to the christmas markets, had warm cider, potato pancakes and other goodies. Saw all the bears in the store windows and all the magical decorations. Stayed in Gargellen up in mountains for christmas eve. It was the best christmas of all!!!!
I'll have to get the pictures out and post some!!!
Lucky you, living there!!!!

Carola Bartz said...

Oh my! My parents got married in Lüneburg! And I was born close to there.
The little bread rolls sure look fabulous! I guess they're Laugenbrötchen. Miss them!

Tinkertaylor said...

That chemist shop looks fab, why do shops abroad always seem more exotic?
Enjoy the rest of your stay

Diane said...

It all looks wonderful, Jo! Have a great time before you come back to all the snow we have here!
Diane x

Paul said...

Feeling hungry just looking at all those scrummy photos. Think I'm feeling a touch green with envy haha. Good to see you're having fun. Px

lisa said...

I'm so glad you are having a great time, Jo. It looks wonderful, all the lovely things on the stalls. I wish we had such interesting markets.
You just need our snow now for it to be really festive.
Hugs Lisax

olive said...

did you 'liberate' some of that great old chemist stuff?? the photos are brill, cant wait to see some more. Have a great time. Keep warm xxxx

PS do you want our snow????

Neet said...

Can't wait for tomorrow's posting Jo (you know why) - lovely pictures today. Glad you are enjoying and, hopefully, wearing your thermals.