Monday, 18 April 2011

Padgate Crafty Collective

Stop Press... my friend has just told me that the Birchwood QVC outlet shop near Warrington, has several Vagabonds in stock for £113 ....  less 25% discount so that's down to approx £85 !!!(and pensioners get an extra 15% discount Mondays only) They'll go quickly so go now and grab a granny for the extra discount!
What a bargain for anyone in travelling distance... but guess who purchased one full price only last week....yup! little ole MOI !!! UGH!

Another wonderful fun, therapeutic, happy Sunday was enjoyed by about 25 crafters at Padgate Community Centre (near Warrington). We missed a few of our regulars, especially Neet who is in hospital. Hope she gets well soon and makes it next time. Welcome to the new people who joined us and I hope they all come again.
 As usual there was such a variety of craft skills going on............
This is a great technique using masking tape, shown to us by Lynne at an earlier meeting, and Sharon and Carmel decided to have another go with excellent results. 
We meet every month and do just whatever crafts we want and whilst there are no formal tutors we often share skills, as Lynne did here.
Enid finished off her fabulous art doll
Beautiful beadwork from Olive's friend... Sorry I have forgotten her name but will add it soon.
 The bracelet on the bottom will be MINE when it's completed by Mo. The beads are the most gorgeous iridescent purple and I fell in love with it.
Tiny exquisite flowers made by Mandy
Pretty bouquet by Grandma (who's really called Vera)
 A new member Hazel and her teenage daughter Ellie joined us with a basket of monkey parts.... Hazel made great sock monkeys and Ellie painted a Manga character on a canvas bag.
Gill and Josie made some lovely cards with some fab techniques and backgrounds.
 Lorraine perfecting her excellent Promarker skills
 Vix and her friend Sarah joined us for the first time and made fabulous cards.
Tracey had her first but perfectly stunning attempt at Pergamano Parchment craft.
 Olive is mad on skulls and these three will end up on a fascinator as Olive is now developing her millinery skills.
 Jen's arty shopping bag before it's painted.
Jayne, aka DIZZY, painted an apron with lots of bling... here it is half completed.
I started painting and stamping a series of aprons ready for gifts... 
I also started making this beaded safety pin bracelet but I think my beads are too big. Mo started her's with seed beads which allow the pins to lie closer to each other but I found the seed beads too fiddly.
I apologise that I can't find the original site to give credit for this bracelet idea.

We had a yummy lunch, made by Jayne and helped by Mandy, of baked potatoes with a choice of fillings, and continuous tea, coffee, cakes, chockies and bickies. Lots of nattering and laughs too, but we really did miss our lovely Neet who had to go and get herself into Hotel Hospital. Her ears must have been burning as she was talked about so once again...get well Neet!


Dotpat said...

What fabulous pieces Jo, everyone is so talented. I wished I lived closer

Diane said...

I was really sorry to miss such a friendly gathering, Jo! Thanks for the report though - it does help to see what you were all up to. Positive thoughts going out to Neet for a speedy recovery.
Diane x

Zoechaos said...

Flippin' heck some of the very best crafters in the country all in one place the creative energy surrounding your group must be electric. Loving your bracelet the bigger beads and gaps give it a special one off quality.

Joining you in sending positive vibes to our Neet. XOXO Zoe

dizzy said...

glad you had fun and i agree was really nice to meet some new faces and great crafters Neet was very much missed but i got to visit her last nite thanks to Lorraine cheers hun you worked like a trojan yesterday you defo gave your self a kick up the bum and cheered me up no end thanks for being so fab hugs jayne xxx

lisa said...

Sounds like a great day and what a bunch of talented crafters all in one place.
I hope Neet is back with you next time after a speedy recovery.
Hugs Lisax

sam21ski said...

Well looks like once again a great time was had by all. I really will have to get myself to one of these meets!!!!


Von said...

Heavens what a lot of variety and so much talent :) Hope Neet comes home soon :)
Von x

cockney blonde said...

Thanks for sharing the piccies Jo. So sorry I couldn't make it this month but had a productive day gardening which was well overdue. Fingers crossed I make it next month but in any case I'll see you all on the 7th, x

Carola Bartz said...

What a huge amount of creativity! How lovely that you all get together and then create to your heart's desire. Creating in good company is simply lovely.

olive said...

it was as always, a great fun day..... so many different crafts, truly amazing. Great to be with like minded souls. Loving your artwork too Jo, you are a generous soul. hugs xxx

Sarah_W said...

Hello! Was nice to meet you on Sunday. Had a blast! QVC seem to be out of the vagabonds now so if anyone is planning a run out there to get one, ring the shop first to check *Hugs* Sarah xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Jo, wow, lots of great stuff here, such a variety of things going on at your group, love it all especially the paper doll. Your necklace looks fine as it is, I don't think the beads are too big.
Hope you're doing ok ;-)
Are you going to the show at Aintree?
Anne xx

Dragon said...

Well I can only say I am VERY jealous!!!! Great work...

Scrapcat 1 said...

I had such a fab time at Padgate and it was so good to learn a new skill in such fabulous company.