Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Acrylic Hearts & Memories etc.,

Mixed Rambling Blog today.......
 I messed around this afternoon with Alcohol inks and the acrylic hearts I bought yesterday from IKEA. Officially photo frames, they are over 3 inches in size and consist of two acrylic hearts that fasten together by extra strong tiny magnets. I took them apart to decorate the insides.

This first picture shows a collage of PaperArtsy new stamps trapped inside
On the inside  of another I stamped swirls and stamped a face image. On the other side I cleaned away an area of the alcohol ink with a rag and blending fluid, in the area of the face, so it would show more clearly.

I played about with another one but this time I stamped the face image onto a piece of card then tore around the edges before I trapped it in between the two hearts.
The magnets are strong enough to trap the ribbons between the hearts.
It would make a paperweight and could hold a photo, with a verse or message, as well as stamped art.
A big advantage is that if you make a mess, or just don't like the result, it can be cleaned off very easily with AI blending fluid ready to start again.

This is one of the heart frames as I bought it.

Memories in my Garden
This time of year I always think of one of my friends, Carol, who sadly died suddenly and unexpectedly, one week before her daughter's wedding, about 15 years ago. She was a lovely person, talented artist and a great loss to the world, her friends and family. 
I had always admired the camelia in her garden, which was in flower when she died and later on the same year my DD2, then a student at uni, bought me a tiny one from Woolworths for just £1.99 and I planted it in view of my living room window, exactly in the position Carol had her's in her garden. Each time it blossoms I think fondly of my friend and how lucky I am to see my own daughters grow to have their own beautiful children. 
Thanks to Fluffy!  

After 15 years my tiny shrub is now an 8 foot high tree

Just had to share these teeny weeny treasures I bought at the ginormous St George's Hall Antiques Fair last Saturday. The ruler is marked in 16ths of an inch!


sam21ski said...

Gosh Jo your hearts are fab. I wish we had an Ikea near us, but sadly we don't.

Your shrub is a lovely momento to your friend, lovely to see it in full bloom xxxx

sam21ski said...

Aww wow Jo, just love that top one. If you go back and they have any more will you get me enough to make a couple please. They look fab.

Heavens2Betsy said...

Wonderous creations Jo. Love what you've done with the hearts x

Dotpat said...

Love your hearts Jo, you come up with some great ideas and your bush is lovely what a lovely way to remember your friend

Kim Dellow said...

Ooo so lovely! Love those hearts - I want to go and get some now!
What a wonderful way to remember friends. Kim

Tinkertaylor said...

Fab hearts they're really gorgeous. I can't think of a nicer way to remember a treasured friend.

Cath Wilson said...

What a lovely way to remember someone - especially because it's flourished where it is. Love the hearts - great idea :)

cockney blonde said...

The hearts are beautiful Jo. Now if I had seen these in IKEA I would never have thought of making them into something as beautiful as you have.
Love the Camelia and what a lovely memory, x

Glennis said...

Your hearts are certainly works of art.
We don't have Ikea in NZ, but are going to Australia for 10 days so will have a look there if possible

Paul B said...

Wow what a very creative soul you are. Those heart frames are a brilliant idea. Px

Amanda said...

Love the hearts Jo! True little gems! The Camelia is beautiful. What would we do without memories?!

Ann B said...

Love those hearts - can see a trip to Ikea coming on. A beautiful idea to remember friends and family with the flowers. My garden is full of memories - plants from my Grans, my Mums and a beautiful peony that my late brother brought for me

lisa said...

I love your Hearts Jo, the alcohol inks looks brilliant on them. I haven't been to Ikea for years but I think a trip is needed.
Your camillia is stunning. What a lovely reminder of your friend. I agree with Ann, plants are a lovely way to remember people by, when they flower they fill you with joy and lovely memeories.
Enjoy your weekend.


Von said...

oh fab hearts,I really should get out more and find some interesting things .
A lovely reminder of a dear friend :)

Sherry said...

Love your hearts Jo! What a fantastic idea.

Beautiful camelia for your beautiful memories of your friend xx