Monday, 12 April 2010

Multi flap card and Easter Christmas

I was doing a bit more tidying today, in my craft room, and came across this card made in a class last year with my friend Cath. This was the one I mentioned as the inspiration for the card I posted yesterday, so I thought I'd show the comparison. The one here has so many more flaps and I realise now that I want to make more as I really like the folds. We used glimmer mists for the backgrounds.

This is the cover made using a technique initially created by Hermine

As I mentioned yesterday on Saturday I went to the Grotto! Lewis's Store in Liverpool City Centre has had a spectacular, huge, Christmas Grotto for more years than any store in this country. Sadly the store is closing for ever very soon and, as a special event before they close, they have created a Grotto again for the very last time. Adults and children are flocking to see it in a sentimental journey. It's not June in January but December in April!!!

First there is an Easter Grotto with Teddy Bear's picnic theme

Then it opens out to Christmas  and highlight topics connected to the city such as the architecture....
The Liver Buildings with the birds on top

The Football Teams

Wintry Christmas Scenes

It was so lovely but so sad to see it for what I thought was the last time but my little grandee will visit next week from Brighton so I will be back to take her to see it. What was so lovely was that Father Christmas was explaining to all the children the reason he was there even though it wasn't Christmas and reassuring them he would be in another Grotto next December.
If you have children and are close enough to visit, don't miss it. It is only £1 to go around it but extra for official photos with Father Christmas and gifts.


Dotpat said...

Lovely flap card Jo and love the photo's

Cath Wilson said...

I've got one of those out to decorate because it's one I enjoyed so much, lol. It looks good :) How sad about Lewis's - one of those iconic stores we always visit on our occasional visits to Liverpool. My Nan used to love Lewis's - fond memories.

sam21ski said...

WOW What a stunning card Jo xxx

cockney blonde said...

Love the card Jo, I may have to revisit this again. Also the photos are fab. I've text DS to take our Grandee as she'd love it, x

dizzy said...

love your card Jo i also loved making this card and have done a few of them.

hoping to take the children at weekend to see the lewis shop fingers x we get there hugs xxx

lisa said...

I love these fold cards, Jo. They look so much more than just a card!!!
I didn't know there were any Lewis' left. Ours in Leeds closed many years ago. My Gran (who died several years ago aged 92 so you know how long I'm going back) used to work in the one in Leicester and it was always a special place to go and visit, especially the food halls, which I know they've not had for many years. What a trip down memory lane.