Friday, 25 June 2010

Blog Candy Winners Alert!

Drumroll.... fanfare... fireworks..... Vuvuzelas!!!!!!
Late addition to this post... the BLOG CANDY WINNERS!!!
1st Lisa
2nd Tinkertaylor
3rd Wipso
I'll post prizes by the beginning of next week, so I hope you like them when they arrive.

Please post your snail mail and email details in the comments... I won't publish them and will delete them ASAP.
Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes and messages for my DH's operation!

Just a quicky to say that my computer went off and normal service has only just been resumed so I am taking all blog candy entries up to now and any more after this post will not be entered. 
Quite unexpectedly DH has come home from hospital and he is so happy to be home. He is doing so well and the uphill climb to full recovery now seems a gentle slope. It's lovely having him back!
Will announce the Blog Candy winners a little later but here's the card I sent Alison as she should have received it by now and yet another poppy, a pink one especially for Dot, that popped up in our back garden today. I'm doing well for them considering I never planted any! I'm going to be saving all those seeds!


Ann B said...

Must be a big relief to have Dave home again, and so much easier to manage than all those hospital visits.
Love your poppy - I have some pale pink ones but they seem to get smaller every year

Helen said...

Great news that he's home, Jo - it's so much easier to recover once you're back in your own surroundings.

Love your card for Alison!

Helen x

cockney blonde said...

Brilliant news about Dave getting home. Not received the card but it will be even better IRL. Off to see Grandee tomorrow so hopefully it will be waiting for me when I return on Sunday. Can't wait to have a cuddle, 1 week old today, ahhh!
Congrats to your blog candy winners, x

Dotpat said...

I am so pleased Dave is home Jo and love your card for Alison

Rosa-kreattiva said...

congratulazioni alle vincitrici un saluto a te... ciaoooo

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Glad to hear he's home Jo :-)
Conmgrats to the winners.
Lovely card Jo, love the colour scheme. The Poppy is absolutely fabulous - I'm so envious though; have tried over the years to grow several of this type but they come up :-/
Anne xx

sam21ski said...

Glad to hear hubby is home Jo xxxx