Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tag Bags and Sunhats

I played around and crafted yesterday to take my mind off missing my family so much. I decided to go back to something I made last year and had never fully developed. The idea of these little cloth bags is that they should be gift bags and cards all in one unit but then I was thinking recently that the card could be a book. I have also made them with the tags coming from the sides and with lots of tags along the bottom but I have given them away and don't have any photos.
This is my latest version with a torn edged book and ribbons. I've also machine embroidered the leaves, trapping voile under the stitches, and I sewed beads onto the centres of the swirls.
Below are some of my original ideas from last year. The centre one I made for a challenge, (the theme was School Days) and it represents a dinner money bag. It has a key, as many children those days were "Latch Key Kids" and had the key on a string to let themselves into an empty house after school, whilst their parents were working.
I made three sun hats last week for my grandees and I'm on my 4th we  just need the sun! I love to knit and crochet in waste time... ie., watching TV or travelling as a passenger in the car, as then there is something to show for the time. I just make things up as I go along so they are unique items that cannot be bought in shops. I'm always thrilled that my family really appreciates the items I make. My DD2 chose the colours for the baby's striped hat and I think it's a lovely combination.

No... it's not snow! I just had to photograph the bottom end of our garden as all the flowers were dropping from the 7 neighbouring Chestnut trees, which overhang from the adjoining school field, and it looks so beautiful. Each year I forget this sight and then it happens. 

Click on this picture for an enlarged version which really shows the masses of tiny flowers and you may spot one of my fairies in the bushes on the right and my Buddha in the middle of the path.


Heavens2Betsy said...

Hi Jo, I LOVE your tag bags - they are such a fabulous idea and your stitching is delectable. The sun hats are brilliant too - wish I could waste time as creatively! Trendy little grandees in their designer headgear! Hope the ache starts to recede soon. Love Pen x

Dotpat said...

Love the hats and bags Jo, you clever thing, also love the photo

Von said...

fantastic little bags and I used to make hats like that back in the 70's lol