Saturday, 25 June 2011

Birthday Cards & Blog Candy Draw

BLOG CANDY DRAW RESULT ALERT... Winners at the end of this post!
Woo hoo! This is my 300th post! 
Not bad for 18 months blogging and a good day to announce the winners of the draw.
First I want to show my appreciation and share the amazing collection of handmade cards I received last week for my birthday. I think it's a good idea to share them as they are inspiration for many styles and techniques. 
I have added names in clockwise order....
Thanks go to Carmel and Jacqui, Freyja and Janet W
Paul, Helen, Leo and Chris S
LindaBoots, Renate, Janice and Nicki
Jeannie, Linda, Anne C and Lisa
AnnA, AliCB, Angie and Smart Mary (Doesn't Tilda look better with a face?)
Mary G, Hazel, Lynne and Ann B
ATC and Mini book from Renate and Flowers from Neet's lovely cake
Min's swinging mouse
This lovely face, the original painted by Donna
Dot, Sam, Gill and Neet
Beaded Bag Bling from Dot
Thanks again to everyone who helped make my birthday unexpectedly special and now, in return, my thank you to the blogging world.
The Four Birthday Blog Candy Winners are...
    1st Maggie C address received  Monday posted
and smaller consolation gifts to...
 2nd  Angie address receivedMonday posted
3rd Larisa  .....waiting for address
 4th April address receivedMonday posted
Make sure you email me your snail mail adresses and I'll pop your gifts in the post asap. 
I have also awarded a gift to Lisandia as my 200th follower although it now looks like she is in a different position on the list as it altered by some cyber fluke! Anyhow I had already told Lisandia so she gets it as she was the original 200th name.
and for the best funny story...AnnB (address received) wins a little gift's what she wrote!
Funny story - couple of years ago picked up my grandson in Bristol on the way to a week in Dorset. His Mum had provided him with a homemade smoothie to drink on the way.
It was a lovely sunny week and a couple of days into the holiday we parked up in the sun and went on the beach. Returned to the car to find the inside covered with some smelly stuff and couldn't understand what - until I spotted the smoothie bottle in bits on the floor. The remains of the drink had fermented in the sun and exploded, showering the whole (and I do mean 'whole') of the car in smelly gunge. It was on the windows, seats, floor, everywhere,
Wasn't funny at the time but we wet our knickers laughing afterwards, especially as I had convinced myself that someone had got into our car for the sole purpose of throwing up in it. We had a Honda Jazz at the time and by coincidence the car parked at the side of us was a same colour Jazz - I even went round trying our car keys on their car to see if we had the same lock. Must have been mad.
Anyway, hope that made you smile on your birthday.
Well it certainly did Ann and thanks to everyone else for all the funny stories!
Be sure to pay a visit to AnnB's blog Ann's Stamping Pad at anniestamper she's a newbie and a great crafter so as she only started her blog this week (and you'll love Sorrel, her dog) pop over and give her a welcome and say that I sent you!


Fleur said...

My congratulations
Especially for my friend Larisa!!!

Von said...

What a wonderful show of birthday cards Jo :)
and well done to the winning ladies :)here's to the next 300 posts
Von x

Angie said...

WOW many fantastic cards. Yeah I got a prize ...I'm so chuffed xx

Ann B said...

I won a prize - yippee! Thanks for that Jo and I'm glad you liked the story - it was the holiday from hell as everything seemed to go wrong - still it was worth it just to get a prize ha ha.
Thanks also for the plug for my blog - need all the encouragement I can get - and congratulations on your 300th post.
Ann B

April said...

Congrats on the 300 posts. All of your cards and gifts are so lovely! Was sooo excited to see my name had been drawn in your candy draw, have dropped you a mail. Thanks, April x

Dotpat said...

Congrats on your 300 posts Jo and thanks for sharing your cards

Angie said...

Just dropped by to say thanks arrived safely ...what fun it all is the look of the unmounted stamps ...and the playing cards ...and the unusual metal ?? buttons ... and ..... well were do I stop ...there was so much ...thank you again xx