Monday, 5 March 2012

Calendar File

Some time ago I was inspired by a similar file which ukmaryanne made and this is my take on it. Pop over to her scrappystickyinkymess blog and check out the lovely ones she made as well as all her other many great ideas posted.

However, I must say that I constructed this entirely my own way without using the pattern (later posted on her blog) but must give a big thank you for all the the inspiration. The file takes one piece of A4 card stock and the inserts can be made from various toning colours of offcuts.
I made mine as a mini desk calendar which can also be used for photos, stamped images, quotes, notes, messages, addresses, birth dates, etc. It's so handy that I'm sure you'll come up with your own use for this!
The card was decorated in my favourite style by blending Distress Inks randomly over a flower stencil and various sizes of sequin waste.
The flap folds back and tucks in to create a stand and inside you can see the file cards. 
I think this would be a useful and attractive way to give and store ATC cards if it was sized down.
Here's another one decorated with scrapbook papers...
Each page has a hole punched and strategically positioned to hang in place, on the brad, at the top front of the file.
They would make terrific little gifts or such a great way to give photos. How about using the file as a handbag pouch and a means to brag about those favourite baby or wedding photos?
Made specially to size, it would also be a good way to package cards which have bulky embellishments. 
If anyone would like my template for this then just shout but do pop over to ukmaranne and check out all her great ideas!


Ann B said...

Even nicer in real life Jo, Thanks for sharing the ideas on Saturday - I so enjoyed making this one.

sam21ski said...

Wow they are fabulous, love the calendar idea. If you get a chance I'd love to have the template and give it a go. No rush though as is won't be for a while yet!!

Thanks Sam xxx

Annie said...

Hi Jo. These are fab. What a lovely design.
A x

lisa said...

These look great, Jo. I especially like the green one, so Spring like. They'd grace any desk and look really useful.
Hope all is good with you and DH is all mended and back to normal now after his op.
Hugs Lisax

Dotpat said...

It is gorgeous Jo, you are right would make a fab pressie. You are clever my dear. Go take a look at my blog, have put a photo of Kaitlynn on there she is 10 today


These are such a brilliant idea Jo, and a super design. Love all the inkiness!
Hope all is well with you and yours - Sylvia x

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Wow Brilliant project Jo. And such a wealth of ideas for using it. Love the different styles of the two. Thanks for sharing. Pxx

Doone said...

I admired your colanders ( calenders) whilst sat at your desk I think it was just before Christmas?, and these are gorgeous too, very very nice

I haven't forgot the ring design i am intending mulling the thoughts when I walk the dogs tomorrow and should have something drafted by the weekend...I have dropped a line to Dolores too,


kate said...

I would love the template! I have been looking for one!! If you are distributing, my email is! I also have a fledgling blog, :)