Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Friday Smile

It's Friday and Friday is fast becoming a tradition, thanks to Annie,(Wipso) to post something that will make everyone smile. 

This week, thanks to Annette, Voodoo Vixen, I may even make you all, not just smile but laugh, and I'm sure Annette won't mind me sharing this funny poem which she included with the toy and her LilliBo Quilt. 
I didn't, at first read the poem, which I missed on the reverse of Annette's tag, but I really laughed when I did, so hope you do too and start the weekend off with a good chuckle. 
I may just make myself one of these Dammit Dolls as it will come in very useful now and then, I'm sure.

Pop over to LillyBo to see the other reason I am smiling as you will see the super quilts, toys and bag that arrived from Jo Twiglet, just in time to be part of the very first handover to CHICS on Wednesday,and there's a picture of that too! 


Redanne said...

That is one great poem and a fabulous doll! Going over to see the other quilts now. A x

Annie said...

I've found it Jo....it might be worth linking it again this friday though cos I'm sure others will have missed it and it's worth the giggle. I love the poem and all I can say is....isn't that what husbands are for? hehehe
A x

Angie said...

I looked everywhere for this ...so glad I found it....really made me smile ....must get myself back to woywwing soon ...an urge is rumbling deep inside xx

voodoo vixen said...

LOL... not really for a child but perhaps a worried parent? ;) What an ugly little divil that doll is!!

BumbleVee said...

awww.... poor little dolly... I'd hate to slam it.... guess I'll just continue on with my cursing without a doll...hahahhahahha .... and slam an occasional door.....

SueH said...

Such a clever verse.
I thought the doll looked a little sad………now I know why. Lol.
Happy Crafting!
Sue x