Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Blog Candy

to be drawn 2nd Sept
I really appreciate the many visitors to my blog, especially those who leave a comment and all the lovely followers who are interested enough to keep an eye on my posts. I had intended to offer some blog candy when my hits counter reached 88,888 but I was so busy that missed the magic moment.
I have got to know so many lovely crafters and made lasting friendships via my blog and I've even been lucky to meet up with quite a few these very special people. 
To say a big "Thank You" to every one who visits and leaves comments I'm offering some blog candy and, since I've had a mega clean up, I have found quite a few items surplus to requirements and I'll even add a few extras to those in the photo.
Here's the stash on offer so far!
I will also make a special handcrafted gift for a couple of winners which can be chosen from several items such as, (below) a hand painted art apron, a decorated key chain, handbag bling, a crochet bag decoration etc. I'll discuss preferences with the winners.
To qualify 
Please leave me a comment stating you'd like to be included.
I always make you work for my blog candy so.......just for a bit of fun we want your alter ego...
 tell me (and Blogland) what your name would be if you were a pole dancer, created by giving the name of your pet (past or present) and your maternal grandmother's maiden surname. It will gain you an extra entry in the draw!
Mine therefore would be Ziggy Boguski !!!
Add the first picture to your blog, leaving a link and mention my candy offer.
Be a follower, but don't sign up unless you are really interested as it would be unfair to take the chance away from others who are regulars, as they are the people I want to thank. 
The draw will be made on Sunday 2nd September.
Have some fun reading these alter ego names from those already entered... 
Brighton Rosebush, Rusty Rose, Jezebel, Winker Heuser, Bimbo Redfern, Snicker VanNatter, Mingo Jahn,
 Miss Dixie Bolitho, Sikkhi Von FlotwellScruffy Newbie, Boots Bentley, Butterscotch Mooney, Scooter Wilson, Tiggy RowanFudge Rickard, Bojangles WatersTaibo Canatser,
Maysa Suslova, Lambert Simnel, Rex BloomfieldSmokey Mallett, Nimbus Breen,
Shadow Schliinzi, China Richie, Brownie Parker, Tinker Maas, Fluffy Koekemoer, 
Donna CipotHammy Pearson, Rusty and Fluffy Burns, Poppy Woods, Goldie Gilpatrick,
Zola Slidermum, Samwise Bentley, Sid Perkins, Missy Galvan, Titch Elliot,
Wotchit Matheson, Fluffy Dingwal, Jesse Wolfe, Grizz Thiele, Bozo Roley, Zizi Smith, 
Lulu Dumbreak, Baggins Gregory, Iggy AlviolaPinky and Perky Laws, Misty Tye
Randy Douglas, Duchess Von Scaffenberg, Snooksy Wilson, Jelly Belly, and, believe it or not, a real ex pole dancer signed in as Autumn Palmer!!! 
If you aren't already on the list why not fess up to your special name!!!
Everyone will be entered into the draw in their real name too.


Michelle Webb said...

Hilarious, you can count me in, and I would be Winker Heuser! That's sooo funny. What a great idea Jo. I love your apron, beautiful work. Michelle x #12

Katie said...

I'm too sleepy to think of a pole dancer name, but that is some stash you're giving away :)

Happy WOYWW!

Katie (39)

jill said...

What a fun way of entering into your blog give away . I'm sure people with come up with some very funny names if they were pole dancers.
Hope you get lots of people entering . Jill #48

jude said...

Fab way of your entering your candy looks scrummy too.Hope your well ive been missing some time so im back to stay life's up's anddown's get in the way.
Well to be included in your candy i have added piccie and linked back to your blog.My name would be "Jezebel"says it all don't you think...lol
Hugs judex 57

Eliza said...

I had a giggle with your pole dancing name and how to work it out. I actually know girls who do pole dancing for a living, must make a note to talk to them about this method. LOL Ok just for fun mine would be Rusty Rose, Rusty was my childhood dog and Rose my mothers maiden name. Sounds good ha, I rekon I could use mine what about you in the professional world of pole dancers LOL

I like fun, thanks for throwing this one into the weekly schedule.

Eliza #24

SandeeNC said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for one of your hand made items :)Jesse Wolfe waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

karen said...

Ha ha, you are so fun! Love the names listed above! Mine would be Brighton Rosebush, really not bad actually, I will keep it in mind in case I decide to start a new career!
xoxo Karen

karen said...

Forgot to say, posted your picture and link too! Thanks for the chance in your draw!
xoxo Karen

Hettie said...

Very amusing post there Jo. Mine would be Sputnik Flynn! Not sure that would work really!! Hee Hee!

Dotpat said...

Here you go Jo, please include me Jelly Belly is my name

Leanne said...

Some of those names are hilarious. Mine would be Bruno Lobo. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Dotty Jo said...

You are so funny Jo! I could either be Custard Sorrell, Hammy Sorrell, Squeaky Sorrell (liking that one), Nibbles Sorrell (also sounds good) or Pip Sorrell - which sounds even better if you break Sorrell as So-rrell and say it with a French accent! Thanks for a chance to win some goodies, especially something actutally made by the amazingly talented Ziggy Boguski! LOL, Jo x

germgirl said...

Wonderful blog. I've just discovered you & have spent an age reading back! I'd love to be included in the draw. My pole dancer name?
Pickle Brown! :-)