Thursday, 1 April 2010

Non fattening Easter Eggs

I hope you all have a great Easter Holiday!
Today the sun is shining and I've been into the garden to gather branches to make my Easter Arrangement. 

When my DD2 first went to live in Germany I loved the cheeriness of all the Spring decorations in shops, restaurants and homes so I stole  this tradition and now make one each year. I have collected decorated eggs from many countries and DD2 sometimes sends me one so now I have a big box full, from which I can pick and choose. 
I made some of my own this year......have a go they are quite easy.
Photo 1 
I have seen these egg structures for sale in department stores and thought I'd have a go at making them for myself.
Decorate card on both sides. I used Glimmer Mists and stamped over with various background stamps.
You can use good quality 2 side printed scrapbook paper for speed.
 Cut out egg shapes ( you'll need 6 , 7, or 8 ) Mine are about 6cms long.
Make 5 holes down the centre of each  egg shape  with an awl, using the first one as a template to position the rest.
Starting at the top, using strong thread, stitch through the holes of all the egg shapes to the bottom then back to the top. Fasten off and leave a thread at the top of the egg to which a ribbon can later be secured. 
(I suppose if you want to make lots you could sew them together on a machine, with a large stitch, but it might be difficult to keep them all neatly together. Haven't tried this myself.)
Open out the "pages" of the egg and tie a ribbon around the middle.
When it is evenly arranged, add some tiny blobs of Glossy accents on the edge of the card where the bottom edge of the ribbon makes contact.
Tie a bow and loop and attach it to the top, first with the thread, then add a blob of Glossy Accents for safety.
2nd Photo
 The cone shape is a lovely gift when
 filled with mini chocky eggs and they are perfect 
to hang in the garden for an Easter Egg hunt.

I decorated glossy card with Alcohol inks then stamped flowers over with Stazon inks and added a little gold Perfect Pearl  to the surface.
These can be any size to suit your eggs.
It is easy enough to make a cone shape (mine is approx 14cms long) then add ribbons to form a hanging loop and a tag and flowers to decorate. 
I decorated a plastic egg, with alcohol inks to pop on top after filling the cone with mini eggs and a little shredded tissue. 


Cath Wilson said...

That's really pretty, Jo. The colours look fab :)

Tinkertaylor said...

These are lovely I feel a bit ashamed to say I bought some lovely knitted eggs from John Lewis this year. So I think I'll file these away for next year.

Dotpat said...

That is lovely Jo, you do have some patience

cockney blonde said...

What a brilliant idea Jo. Love it and the colours are so warming and cheerful, x

Neet said...

That's lovely Jo - how nice to see the bright colours of Spring - especially when it is dull and miserable outside.

Artyjen said...

Fabulous! I love many of the traditions enjoyed by our european cousins....if you ever visit Salzburg in Austria there is a wonderful "egg" shop with lots of eye candy! :)

stampdiva said...

Very much a Continental vibe to those. Really love what you have created - do you make any chocolate versions? LOL Lynne M x

Amanda said...

Love the eggies in the top photo! Just love your creations.

Paul B said...

Those paper eggs are fantastic, especially the ones you showed us the other day. A very clever idea. Pxx