Sunday, 5 February 2012

Tiny Book & Snowdrops

When I made my mini tin, shown on last Tuesday's post, I played around with other ideas to enclose inside. This was one I rejected but I decided to finish it today as, quite by accident, it turned into a novel little book. It is only approx 2 x 1.5 inches in size but is so cute as the pages overlap and flip alternately as it opens. I decided it was too fiddly to go inside a tin so opted for the concertina book but I'm glad I played around with this one and will have another go at developing it further.

 We have had so many get well messages since DH had his operation last Wednesday and he has asked me to thank everyone for all the kind thoughts received. 
I am pleased to report that the keyhole surgery to remove his gallbladder last Wedesday was successful, and recovery was really quick, and when he came home the next day he enjoyed a good dinner then slept the night solidly! I write this to reassure anyone who might have to undergo the same procedure in the future. He felt the benefits of the operation immediately, post op discomfort was manageable and not too much pain. 

Croxteth Hall
 Whilst the country suffers snow and severely cold weather we have been fortunate enough today to take a post op constitutional walk, for the patient, in our local Croxteth Hall Park in pleasant sunshine!
Blogging buddy Elizabeth, far North of me in Scotland, reported last week that  her DH went walking to see their local show of snowdrops and was so disappointed that there were none to be seen as they were all finished after flowering early. Aaaah!
Well NOT HERE!!! I didn't want to miss them whilst I am in Germany next week, and panicked to read Elizabeth's post so we hotfooted to see them here........ and our's are not yet in full bloom. I'll just have to go again when I return.
 Don't miss me waving at all those little buds waiting for me!

 I know I'm crazy but I thought this thawing puddle looked like a weather map of England!
I collected some berries and greenery in the park to make an ice sculpture, after the inspiration from DD, and it's outside, but at 5.5C at 7pm here I may have to wait a while!!


Lynn Stevens said...

Such a darling mini book Jo and so glad to hear your DH surgery went well.
hugs Lynn

peggy gatto said...

Love your tiny books!!!

Cath Wilson said...

Another one of your paper delights, Jo - I love the books you make and this looks gorgeous. Beautiful snowdrops, too - haven't seen any myself but it has been nice to escape snow this weekend, despite the cold until today.

Didn't realise Dave was having an op, but am pleased he's well so quickly. Isn't medicine amazing, these days? Please give him my best wishes. Hope he soon feels totally fit and well x

Ann B said...

Lovely little book Jo. I started my tin last week but it's been on hold for a few days, not helped by the fact I covered in in Tissue tape and then realised the tape on the lid was upside-down. Pleased Dave has made such a fast recovery and was able to enjoy his walk, must be a big relief for you both. I have a few bunches of snowdrops in my garden, we inherited them from Andy's aunt when she passed on - my garden is full of plants given to me by family and friends past and present and I think of them as the flowers bloom. Don't know about the map - was geography a good subject for you ha ha.
Ann B

Doone said...

ooh ooh must go check mine ( snowdrops)

glad D has had a straight forward time,

will call you after Germany, take care, keep warm,



Hi Jo - so pleased your hubby's op. went well.
Love your little book, and all the beautiful images and detail. I have to agree JO - that puddle really does look like a map of England - how weird is that!!
Hugs, Sylvia xx

Annie said...

So glad your DH is continuing his good recovery. Love your little book and the snow drops. We have lots that grow in the churchyard opposite our house that I must pop accross to snap some time soon :-)
A x

sam21ski said...

Hi Jo, didn't know that Dave was having an op but pleased to hear all went well and he's on the road to recovery already.

Love what you've done with your mini books and the way the pages co-ordinate, great idea to put two in a concertina book and overlap the pages.

Have a fabulous time with your family next week in Germany.

Take care

Sam xxxx

Carola Bartz said...

That little book is darling, Jo!
I had my gallbladder removed last summer, also keyhole surgery, and I went home the very same day (after all, this is America). I did need painkillers though, but I have to say that all in all the recovery was a good one. There are a few things I cannot eat anymore without getting heartburn, and sometimes I have pains I didn't have before, but it is manageable. I hope his recovery is quick and successfull (it took almost 3 months to be "myself" again). It's all better than the horrible pains one has to go through in a gallbladder attack! I would always recommend the surgery.

Angie said...

I must be crazy too coz I can see it stops before the border.
Love those books ...must make one ...after I do all the projects swimming around in my head ...have started my set of drawers and am typing this all covered in paint.
So glad everything is fine with DH and he recovered so quickly ...hugs xx

Tuire said...

Hi Jo! Glad to hear/read that your DH has recovered so well!
Your mini book is really cute :) ...and what about MY snowdrops... there are half a meter snow on them :D
Tuire xxx

olive said...

best wishes to DH..... loving the books, great idea. Have a good trip to Germany. xxx


Hello :) SO happy to read all went well with your husband and his operation. Love the little mini book (and the inky fingers holding them!). Hope you have plenty of warm clothes for Germany although I am sure your granddaughter will keep you lovely and warm while you are there :D

kimmie said...

What a delightful book!
And what a delightful place to have a stroll! It looks like something we might see on Masterpiece Theater here (british programming - like Downton Abbey) ... you have so much history where you live!!
We won't be seeing snowdrops for another 2 weeks or so ... I love to see signs of spring around the world!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Jo, just catching up with your posts and very glad to hear that your husband's op went well and that he is recovering nicely. Sorry to have panicked you over the snowdrops ... it's just that here is the south-west corner of Scotland we have had a milder winter than the rest of the UK (and Europe too, it seems)so our snowdrops were conned into thinking it was spring weeks back. Your photos are some consolation though :) Elizabeth x