Friday, 17 August 2012

3rd Birthday Cards & Market Day

Here's the Secret Message / 3rd Birthday card I made for a special little girl. 
The card has a fascinating system of opening out so that there are four different surfaces of the card exposed. I will soon be making this in a workshop for Vicky Stampers with lots more styles and variations but here I went over the top with lots of points of interest for a 3 year old. She really loved  the worm and the gingerbread man. 
Thanks to my lovely friend Neet of Hickydorums blog who sent the birthday girl this special card with a pocket full of tags and a page inside asking lots of fun questions about all these super gnomes. A great interactive card idea, and perfect for a 3 year old. Pop over to her blog to see all about making it.
Such a coincidence how Neet's fab card matched the theme of the birthday cake my DD made.
When we go shopping in DD's town, I always visit visit this lovely Quilt Garden shop (which Wipso, Twiglet and LLJ would LOVE) and, from across the road, my little grandee shouted.... "There's Joma!" (that's ME, my German Nannie name!!!) Do I really look like this? Well maybe it's because she always sees me making things.
However I can't understand why she saw this fellow outside a toy shop and said.... "There's Popops" (my DH!!!) We must look a right pair through the eyes of a child, tee, hee!
The beautiful, ancient, Rathaus on Market Day

This interesting guy is always there selling preserves, honey and pickles.

It was almost the end of the strawberry season
I wish I could grow agapanthus like this!
I also wish I was back there but it's a good job I can look forward to the visit of the Brighton Belles next week.
Have a great weekend and hope the weather is good wherever you are.


SueH said...

Oh wow, those Agapanthus look enormous. I tried to grow them from seed once but didn’t have a lot of success….I really must try again because they are beautiful.

Your little granddaughter must have had hours of fun playing with all the elements of her card. I love the all the bright colours, they are so eye catching.

Happy Crafting!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

ooh Jo or Ziggy :D you did have really great time... love it all and the wee thoughts fluttering in your grandees head made me chuckle as you say you must look a right pair in her eyes, love Shaz in oz.x

Paul Browning - The Artsider said...

Wonderful to see such sunny photos esp of the market, & all those cherries!!! Fabulous! Px

Redanne said...

Love your card Jo and Neet's is beautiful too. I always love it when you show photos of somewhere I have never been. The ones today are wonderfu, so much colour and so many lovely fruits and veg and your Grandaughter is delightful. Crafty hugs, Anne x

Twiglet said...

Great post Jo - lovely cards for the little one and what a funny thing for her to say about the toy shop DH!!! He has got a wopping sword hasn't he! x Jo

Lottie said...

What a stunning place to visit - absolutely gorgeous - and oh that card..........sigh...........wish I were three again.

Sandy Leigh said...

I enjoyed this post so much!! Your pics are so beautiful and make me want to get in the fresh air and go to the markets! I adore the 3D card with the houses too! I could see a lot of variations of this as well--what a unique, super cute idea! --Sandy Leigh

cockney blonde said...

Oh how funny that she thought the 2 characters were you and Dave. That's given me a giggle. However, love the look of that fabric shop, and as for the market...WOW.
Love the cards and cake. Did you bring me back a slice? xxx

CraftyLoops said...

What a fab card and that cake looks scrumptious. Beautiful photos too, what a pretty market. Lee xx

Lynn Holland said...

Oh I so want to be there Jo, it all looks wonderful and so do the cards. Love the colours.
Lynn xx

Carola Bartz said...

Love your pictures, Jo. So funny that I have to come here to see images of Germany! Your cards are lovely - the colors are great and I like the house shape. Oh, and that little fellow is a Playmobil figure - a little bit bigger though. Perhaps your grandee is still too young to play with Playmobil, but it sure will enter her life someday - there's no way around it. My daughter loved to play with Playmobil, and even now, at 14, she sometimes pulls out the boxes...

Lynne said...

Hi that birthday card..I bet she loved it!

We are Nanny and Popops too! Well, our 21 year old grandson now says grandad but the 15 yearold still joins the little ones with popops! Glad you had a lovely time.

Di said...

Hi Jo, hopped over quickly after your comment about the crayons as a child. Funny the things we remember.

Then I spotted these piccies of Germany - memory lane for me as I lived there as a kid and we also have two little grand daughters over there, way down South.

Happy days! Di xx

Neet said...

It's a shame we can't grow apples like that HUGE one!
Loved seeing the photos Jo, especially of the little one with her "Popops". That looks like a fabulous fabric shop - good job I can't get loose in there at the moment.
Hugs & thanks for sharing.
Neet xx