Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Germany, Shopping, Spargel & Breakfast

We're back home from our trips to visit our lovely family branches first in Brighton then to Germany and we already miss them so much.

Here's the start of some tasters of German life in a really pretty, reasonably small, bustling town. 
Off shopping today to my favourite supermarket which opens out extensively behind this ancient facade and is bursting with so many items that I'd never find in England.
Always bikes! 
Side view with the supermarket to my right and even more bikes!
Market day in the main square with the Rathaus (town hall) overseeing procedures.

Spargel, spargel, spargel, everywhere. Sold seasonally in the market and served in every form in every cafe and restaurant. Shame I can't stand it!
This is the machine which prepares it, stripping and washing it ready for use. All the shredded peelings in racks at the front.
It is fed into one side and caught at the other 
The little children line up to have a go feeding in the Asparagus. I bet "Health & Safety" wouldn't allow this in England without a safety guard!
Going out for breakfast is a pastime I really enjoy when I visit Germany. Here is a basic breakfast of boiled eggs, bread, cheese, salami, coffee and juice which we were lucky enough to eat outside in lovely sunshine.
If men aren't married by the age of 30 it is customary that their friends drag them around the town where they are made to brush the streets and push a barrow (usually full of beer).
Back to some crafting.... that's the main compensation of being home!


Helen said...

Jo it looks fabulous! No wonder you don't want to come home (apart from leaving the family behind!) and so clean compared to the streets here!!!

Twiglet said...

Great post Jo - lovely to see all the fun you have been having. x Jo

Annie said...

Looks like you had a great time away Jo. Really hope all your lovely family are well and happy.
A x

Angie said...

That was another wonderful post ... the great photos brought it all alive....thanks for sharing.... that machine was amazing ...not sure I would want my fingers near it !!!! Glad you had such a great time and are home safely. xx

SueH said...

I can just about read the word Germany now without a cold shiver going down my spine, Lol.

It looks like you had a wonderful time Jo and lovely weather to go with it!


Jingle said...

I love going out for breakfast! Your photos are wonderful! Looks like a great day!

Redanne said...

A really lovely post Jo, everything in Germany looks so colourful. Only ever been on business (many times) but never for pleasure, looks like it might be worth a visit. Very nice looking breakfast too.

sam21ski said...

WOW Jo, you always amaze me with your wonderful photos, you just seem to capture the moment perfectly.

Sam xxx

Paul B said...

Welcome home!!!! Fantastic selection of photos Jo :) Both Nick & I LOVE asparagus so we'd be in heaven there lol. And I never knew about the tradition regarding men who aren't married by the time they're thirty. Must ask my German friend about it when I see him later this week. Hope you're not too swamped in washing and unpacking. Pxx